We are a one-stop cosmetic, skin care, personal care, hair care, SPA, soap, toiletries products private label (OEM / ODM) manufacturer. Our main service is private labelling (OEM / ODM) for your brand name.

We have more than 2,000 cosmetic formulations are available, from face and body products to hair care, before and after sun products, essential oils, professional products & treatment products, all are ready for put on your brand name label. Furthermore, with a full Research and development team at our factory, we are ready to customize products & formulations for your brand upon request.

At our manufacturing facility, products go through all the essential stages of manufacturing, such as Formulation, Weighing, Mixing, Quality Control, Packaging Design, Printing, Filling and Packaging. All our products are comply with ASEAN COSMETIC GUIDELINES, and further approved by NPRA, Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia. Apart from that, our factory had also gained the recognition of GMP and HALAL.

In our lab, our chemist able to customize formulas to fulfil our client’s needs. This option allows you to select a signature scent, the list of specialty ingredients, the feel of the product, and the performance of the formula. You will work hand in hand with our in house chemists and brand develop advisors to create a special “recipe” that is yours alone - just for your brand!

Our experience sales and marketing teams knew the market well. We help our clients to analysis the market, create some interesting marketing story, give soul to the products, design website or leaflet, and more, without charging any consultant fees! YourCosmeticBrand.com – work for your brand!